Monday, November 10, 2008

A lot happens at our house

I know I'm a little behind on things that happen at my house, but the past month has been really crazy! First of all it's hard to keep up on everything with Nixon. So many things change with him constantly, he is continually growing and learning new things. He's started to roll all over but not just from his stomach to back, but also back to stomach, so when he's on the floor he rolls until something gets in his way and stops him! He also started eating rice cereal, which he loves! We've always called him our little piggy, he'd eat all the time if I'd let him.

We had fun celebrating Halloween! Kristin and David invited us to go to their trunk-or-treat so we went with them and Brooke had a blast eating, playing the games and going to each car to get candy. There was also a small little "haunted house" (how scary can it be if it's in the church building), but JD went through it with Brooke and Allyse. Brooke didn't care for it and I'm sure Allyse had a great time screaming the whole way through it! Then we went to the carnival for Casey and Amy's ward party. (It was the carnival I talked about it the previous post) Then on Halloween we went to a chili and soup dinner at Casey and Amy's, and after dinner we went trick-or-treating. We had gone about two blocks and Brooke got tired so I got to piggy back her back to the Fraughton's where we watched a movie outside. When she got home she laid down on the couch and fell right asleep. We had a blast stretching Halloween out as long as we could. After Halloween we had a couple little birthday parties for Brooke, one with the Fraughton family and one with the Burns family. For the party with the Fraughtons we made a cupcake cake that looked like a pumpkin, JD really did all the work on this cake! Then for the party with the Burns family Brooke had to have a Barbie cake so she and I had fun decorating it, with her telling me the colors of the dress and what color she wanted the flowers to be on the cake!This past weekend JD and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It's amazing how fast time flies, but we have loved every minute together. It's amazing all the wonderful experiences you can have in that short period of time. Our favorite ones have been when Brooke and Nixon joined out family. But unexpectedly we found ourselves in Texas on our anniversary. It was not a fun little get away, but rather a very short trip to find a place to live. We will be moving at the end of December. JD got laid of last month, but before that ever happened he was offered a job by a friend that he had met on his mission. Heavenly Father works in very mysterious ways, but we are very grateful for all the blessings that we receive! It was both our first time to go to Texas, so even though it was a quick trip and we had a lot to do, it was fun to see a new place and how pretty other places in the country are! Happy Anniversary JD! I love you!