Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Things

The kids change so much so quickly, especially Claire, so I thought I would post some more pics. Our kids are so fun and energetic. And this next week Grandma and Papa are coming and they have been so excited for them!!! It is so much fun!

Also, they do school a little differently here in Texas and instead of having quarters, they have 5 six week increments. And for kindergarten they do not do the typical A,B,C..... so on, they do D for developing, M for mastery, C for concern, and one more I don't know what it is. Also, in Kindergarten you don't get a report card your first six weeks, but Brooke just finished her second and she got all D's and M's (who would have ever thought I'd be ok with a D, LOL)!

J.D. and I are so proud of Brooke! She works hard at school and does her very best! She is an amazing student and very smart and kind! So as a reward for her good grades she was able to get "Spirit Sleeves." I describe them as leg warmers for your arms. She came running of the bus with them on yesterday to show me. They are so cute! I'll have to take a picture of them!

Claire is probably the most smiley baby we've had! She is so happy and content and that is pretty important being number three and having all the things and JD and I are doing right now!

Nixon is a hoot! He makes me laugh so much and I love him for that! He is so much fun and LOVES the camera, if you couldn't tell. Anytime the camera comes out, he's smiling saying "CHEESE!" He is getting to big for my liking! I miss my baby boy, but it is fun to watch him grow from a baby to to little boy.

Maybe we are mean parents, but Claire lets us make her have funny faces! She's so cute.

Oh and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JD!! The big 2-9!! Love you sweetheart! I'm so glad you are a part of my life!

This is JD at the Sacred Grove earlier this year when he had to opportunity to go!