Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Nixon!

A year ago today Nixon was born into our family! We were so excited to have him be a part of our family. He came late, and probably would have come even later if I hadn't been induced. Thanks to Mom who I know secretly prayed that he wouldn't be born until she got back from her trip to San Diego.

Now we've had Nixon for a year, and he has been so fun! He is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! He loves to smile at everyone. His favorite thing to do in church is flirt with anyone, but especially if there are any girls sitting behind us. He smiles at them, then buries his head into my shoulder, then looks to see if they are still looking at him, and starts it over. He LOVES Brooke!! They play and make each other laugh all the time. If they go to bed at the same time or within a half hour of each other they can stay up for hours jabbering back and forth to each other.

Just recently he's learned a few new tricks, the biggest one of all is walking! He loves to walk. When he first started he'd laugh the entire time he was doing it. He thought it was great! He's found a toy that Brooke likes to use as her vacuum that he can push around and walk with, he is having so much fun with that!! He's also learned "five." He loves to have Brooke give him "five" in the car and sometimes we worry that she's going to break his arm cause she does it so hard, but he laughs hard every time! Now he sticks his hand out and tries to say five, but it's more like "fah." He is so cute. We've also been trying to teach him to say more in sign language instead of screaming for more food, he's finally learned it, but it looks more like he's calling for a timeout.

Well, I guess as you can see, we love Nixon! He is always on the go. He is a little boy through and through, teasing his sister already, pulling her hair, loving to explore and be rough with Dad! We are so glad to have him! We love him so much!!