Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Claire Jane

Well, I've been slacking on the blogging a lot lately and we've had a lot to post. First I need to post pictures from Nixon's birthday!

Then 11 days later we welcomed a new member into our family, Claire Jane! She was born July 25th at about 8:55 in the morning. I say about because no one bothered to look at the clock to take the time of birth, except for JD who says it was 8:52, but nonetheless she is her! She was 7lbs. 11oz. 20.5 inches long and I remember thinking she was so big, she was the biggest of our three. Claire is a beautiful healthy baby, that LOVES to sleep! I can't complain because she lets me get a lot of sleep.bored out of their mind at the hospital

She is happy and big sister and big brother love having her here!! They are the best big helpers a mom could ask for! We are still adjusting to having three, and going to the store by myself with all three is quite an experience. The first time I went to Walmart with all three, I had all the groceries in all the kids in and before I got all the doors shut a bee flew into the car. I had to get all the kids out while I got the bee out. Let's just hope that never happens again!! We are so happy that Claire is part of our family and in the words of Brooke we are now a five family! :)