Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brooke's Princess Party

This week is Brooke's 5th birthday, so we decided this year we would have a party with her friends. It was a Princess party and all her friends came dressed as a princess. The girls got a little pampering session, getting some makeup put on and their nails painted. They also colored pictures of princes so we could play a game called "Kiss the Prince." When we told the girls that we were going to play that game they all said "Ewww gross!!!" One of her friends said, "boys are stinky!" It was so funny! We had a blast with all the little princesses at our house. We danced to some of Brooke's favorite princess songs, but all the girls really love one of Taylor Swift's songs and wanted to dance to that. And a party wouldn't be complete without a pinata. So Brooke got a crown pinata that was filled with lots of things perfect for little princesses. My favorite part of the pinata was watching JD dodge some of the swings the girls had! We had so much fun and were really glad that so many of Brooke's friends could come and celebrate her birthday with us!

Brooke helping me with the frosting for her Barbie cake.

The finished cake.

Brooke was so excited about her party that she'd been hounding us to decorate the house all week. So she was more than helpful when dad started decorating Saturday morning.

The "party room" before all the girls arrived.

Brooke with Shelby and Ella.

Brooke and Kaylynn

Brooke and Zara

Ella playing "Kiss the Prince". (GROSS, Ella's the one who said boys are stinky, she even said her dad was a stinky boy.)

JD dodging a swing from Kloah.

All the girls that came to the party!! Shelby, Kaylynn, Kloah, Zara, Brooke, Zoey, Ella