Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brooke's First Lost Tooth

I've been bad about adding new posts, so this was a while ago.

Brooke came to me one day and showed me she had a loose tooth! That was very exciting, JD was going to be out of town for a few more days so I figured we'd have plenty of time for him to get home before her tooth actually came out. The very next day she came crying to me while I was in the middle of my prayers and I couldn't get her to calm down until I realized she had lost her tooth! She was holding it in her hand trying to show me! I told her it wasn't anything to be sad about, but that it was so exciting, the tooth fairy would be coming, it was good. Then she told me, "but it's bleeding!" It made me chuckle, I guess I forgot how traumatic it can be. So we immediately went to the sink so she could get her mouth all washed up. The worst part was I didn't have my camera! I was with JD on his trip. All I had was my cell phone, which won't let me upload anything to the computer. And of course while JD was home I didn't think to take pictures of Brooke. But she lost her first tooth on April 23rd! She was so excited to put it under her pillow and wait for the tooth fairy to come. She came and left some money and a note along with her tooth explaining that she left the tooth this time so she could show her daddy since he wasn't home.

It's fun to watch Brooke grow up and have lots of new experiences! I'll have to remember when JD gets home next week to take pictures so I can post them!

And yes Kevin the tooth fairy told her to brush her teeth really well so she wouldn't lose her permanent teeth.