Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nixon's Birthday

I know I'm late, but what is new!?! Nixon's birthday was last week and we had so much fun celebrating it as a family. JD was up and out of the house early that day, so when the kids woke up we went to get donuts for breakfast. We came home lit some candles and sang happy birthday to Nixon. Then we played all day and Dad was able to come home early so we got to play with him too!

Then that night we went to McDonald's for dinner, good for the kids and me! :) After dinner we came home and opened Nixon's presents. AND of course... The camera was having some issues so we didn't get a whole lot of pictures, but Nixon loved his presents! He got little plastic golf clubs, which he is still learning the art of using them, but for now swings them like they are a baseball bats. He got a Woody and a Buzz toy or action figure, one from Brooke. Finally he got a little T-ball set, that we played for FHE last night and a baseball glove and ball! We then moved on to birthday cake, which he liked the singing and blowing out the candle the best. He took maybe two bites of cake and then was off to play with his toys! He was so cute! He is so fun and getting so big!

I can't believe how time flies! My baby boy is already 2!! And he's not so little anymore! He has grown like a weed, probably because he's eaten like a horse, over the past two years! It's so fun to watch him grow up and hear him begin to talk more! He's adorable! One of my favorite things he says is "Oh yeah." He asks what I'm doing and I'll tell him and then he says, "Oh yeah." Like he knew all along that was what I was doing. He has a cute little personality that makes JD and me laugh everyday! We are so grateful to have our little Nixon be a part of our family! He is so much fun and good little brother for Brooke, and he'll be a great big brother in a few days! We love you buddy!

Ok, now I am ridiculously late!! I know I have a lot to post and especially pictures, I will get to that soon!! Life has been very busy and chaotic trying to adjust to three and getting Brooke in school! I have pictures of Claire and Nixon's birthday and Brooke's first day of school posted soon.