Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 40th Wendi

I know it's a little early for Wendi's birthday, but this past Friday we had a surprise party for JD's sister Wendi. It was really fun. For over a month now we've been planning the party. Brett's (Wendi's husband) brother got married Saturday, so they came down for the wedding, but with the help of Brett and several other people there was a fantastic party planned, the best part of it all was that Wendi had no idea about it. It was not the typical surprise party. It was a "funeral" for the "passing of Wendi's youth." Brett had awesome programs made for the occasion. It was not a sad event, we shared memories of Wendi, some I'm sure she'd like to forget, and then we had delicious Mexican food and hung out singing karaoke. We had a blast and partied all night with friends and family. Thanks for everyone who helped. Wendi we love you and miss you!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Blessing Day

Yesterday we blessed our little Nixon! He was so good during the blessing and for the entire day. He didn't make a peep during the blessing. In fact, he slept through the entire get together at our house afterwards. I do feel very blessed that I have a worthy priesthood holder in my home to preform these sacred ordinances and to also give my children and me blessings. JD is such a sweet guy, it is very obvious to anyone who knows him that he loves his children very much.
This was Nixon right after his bath, getting dressed in his blessing outfit.
Isn't he so cute!! (I know I'm biased)
After the blessing we had our family come over to our home. And between JD and my family there are a lot of us, and we have a rather small home. While there Keith stuck Noah in the cooler.
Nathan thought that looked like a lot of fun, so when Noah was done, Nathan walked over there and got in by himself while no one was looking. It was so fun!! I love being able to spend time with the family, especially when everyone, or almost everyone, is able to be there!

Princess for the Day

This weekend Brooke was transformed into a beautiful fairy princess, along with her cousins. She was invited to Addison's birthday party (one of her cousins) where they had the works done!! All the girls had the hair done special, they had their face painted and then had their finger nails painted. After they were all dolled up then they played a game where they got their wings and wands and became fairies. Brooke was so disappointed that she had to take off her face paint, which she calls "make-up", when she was getting ready for church. When Brooke saw the pictures of her she told me that we needed to "get that kind of make-up." Brooke had so much fun that she's still talking about it, even the turtle.

Casey and Amy have a turtle at their house, and after all of Addie's friends left, they got the turtle out to play and show the cousins, who had stayed to play. Brooke would have nothing to do with it. She screamed and cried (so I was told). And then that night when I got home Brooke told me all about the turtle and how she did not like it. Then for the rest of the night she was scared of everything and did not want to go anywhere in the house without JD or me by her side.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nixon Smiles

It is so exciting when a brand new baby starts to smile and especially when you know it's not because they are passing gas. A few days ago Nixon began smiling and of course I was first to see it, so when JD got home I tried to get Nixon to smile for JD and he wouldn't. And if JD was home and I could get Nixon to smile, I would call for JD to hurry to come a see Nixon smile and of course as soon as JD would come Nixon would stop. He's just that kind of kid to tease JD that way. One time he even would look at JD see that JD was looking at him, look away, then look back, still saw that dad was looking and look away. It's funny to see little personalities in little ones so early. And now we get to enjoy Nixon's smiles, when he's happy!